I am embarking on a bigger project and wanted to take you all through the process. We bought a couch for our family room this year in January. It has this weird fabric, like suede but not good suede (doesn’t feel good to touch). And then this is the room were we generally hang out all through the day and the kids have done so much damage to it already that it looks like an old couch. They have painted on it, dropped food and drinks on it, and done other things to it that I rather not mention here :D.

So far, I have been putting a blanket on it and washing that blanket almost every two days it seems.


Now I am thinking of sewing a cover for the cushions and pillows or back cushions for this couch. So this is the big undertaking I am taking over. I thought about reupholstering the couch and looked into some tutorials for that but decided its a lot of work and time that I probably can not afford. So for now I am thinking of sewing covers for it.

Here are some links to the tutorial that has inspired me.

This one is my favorite so far. There is no tutorial in this link (click the image) from pinkandpolkadot.wordpress.com, but it gives you an idea of how to do it and the you can get an idea from the picture.

This one has a cover with buttons on the bottom of the cushions from jezzeblog.blogspot.com.

This is a blog post (http://anoregoncottage.com/diy-tufted-french-mattress-cushion) that talks about that french mattress edge. I am thinking I may use it on my covers so I don’t have to use cord piping for my covers.

Okay, so I am doing my research and will be starting the project soon. Hancock fabric store is closing and I got this upholstery fabric at a really good price so I bought it. This way if it doesn’t turn out good, I haven’t wasted a lot of money on it. I got 6 yards of this navy blue fabric.

I will keep you all updated about the next step in my next post.

Till next time, happy sewing you all.