I have been thinking about budgeting and ideas for eating healthy and home made meal more now a days. With three kids, it is more work to eat out then cook anyways. So, planning ahead about what I am gonna make for the week and doing grocery accordingly seems like a good idea. I am going to try to implement it from this month (or may be just this month). Let’s see, I will keep you guys updated.

To be more organized and make this planning and cooking and shopping fun, I thought of making this menu board. I saw bunch of ideas on Pinterest and saw a pretty cute menu board on Kirkland too. Here is a picture of the Templin family dinner menu board, I came up with.


I am gonna show you how I made this. Its pretty easy. All the things I needed for this project were:

  • A 12 X24 canvas
  • Half a yard or less of burlap fabric
  • some ribbons
  • chalk paint stickers
  • Letter stickers and scrapbook paper
  • hot glue gun

First I covered the canvas with burlap fabric using a glue gun. Pulling the string out from the burlap from the place where you want to cut it ensures that you get a straight cut from you fabric. First picture below shows you that.

Next, I decided on the placement of stickers on the canvas.  I also decorated my canvas on top with a banner made with scrapbook papers. Thats it, glue them all and you are done. Also,  I used a ribbon to glue around the canvas.

The chalk-paint sticker and letters I used are from Michaels, but I guess you can find it in any craft store.


Well almost all done. Now you have to decide the menu, write it on there and cook too. Oh! also My kitchen is mostly closed on Saturdays and Sundays for dinner :), hence no signs for those days. We usually eat take out or left over from the week on those days.