This is one of the other art work I did for Ms. Z’s room. Speaking of Zoe or “Zo-Zo” (as her father calls her), she turned 6 months today. Wow time passes so quick, its like each day takes forever to pass and then the weeks and months go by so quickly. Any who, I digress.
Let’s get back to this wall decor and once again, I don’t have any pictures during the process but its not very difficult to follow with just the pictures I have.

Some of the scrapbook papers are so pretty, you want to frame them, and thats what I did here. All I used in this project, are a 12X12 picture frame, scrapbook paper (I got this one from hobby lobby), ribbon, paint and some small wooden letters.


The frame I had, holds multiple pictures and hence the size 12X12. Usually scrapbook papers are 12X12, but you can cut the paper to fit your frame size. An 8X10 frame would look good too for this project. First I painted the frame white with acrylic paint. I had to do three coats because the frame was black before.

Next I hot glued the ribbon across the edge. And then, put the scrapbook paper in it.

To give it a 3-D look, I took these wooden letter, painted it navy blue and coral (Z’s nursery colors) and glued them on top of the glass of the frame.


Thats it. It looks pretty cute in her room. Try it, its very easy. I am thinking of some fall decorations like that would be fun to do. I might try it and promise to show you here on blog if I do that.