Around an year ago, we showed a pretty easy fabric snack bag DIY, but today I am gonna show you another version of that which is much easier.


This snack bag is made using PUL fabric and so its easy to clean, just wipe it with a wet paper and you are good to go. All you need for this project is a PUL fabric and a sew-on velcro, other than your sewing machine and matching thread.


Cut a 10 inches by 7 inches piece of the fabric and 6 inch piece of velcro. I folded the fabric in half to make the pocket, so you don’t need two pieces of fabric. Now velcro comes into two pieces, so sew each piece on the ends of the wrong side of the PUL fabric.



Next, sew the other sides together to make the pocket.



Turn it inside out and you have a cute snack bag for your cute little munchkin.

Till then,
Happy sewing.