Raise your hand if you have more plastic lids then container in your kitchen or vice-versa ( ūüėČ me raising both my hands). Today I am gonna show you a way to organize and store these lids in your kitchen cabinets. Its an easy pocket that you can sew really quick and pin/velcro it on the cabinet door of your kitchen where you keep the container/tupperware. Here is a picture of before and after picture of that cabinet.

All you need for this project is a piece of fabric and velcro (use sticky back velcro and not sew on velcro for this) or push pins. I also made front of the pocket transparent using clear¬†vinyl fabric but that’s because I had a lot of it remaining from a previous project and¬†thats not necessary. You can make the whole pocket/bag with regular heavy weight cotton fabric.

First step is to measure the cabinet door on which the pocket will go. Also, one thing to make sure is that the cabinet closes after you put the pocket on the door and for that either the cabinet should not have any shelves (just one bottom shelf) or the upper shelf should be little inset, a few inches at least from the bottom one . Anyways, once you have a cabinet like that you can proceed to make this pocket.

My cabinet door measured to be 13.5 inches X 16 inches and I made a pocket measuring 13inchesX14inches.  So, I cut 13X14 inches pieces of the yellow fabric and the vinyl fabric. If you are using just one type of fabric and it is long enough fabric then try to use one piece of fabric for the pocket and just fold it into half.
Hem the top of both the fabric to make a clean edge. Next put them right sides together and sew three side (leave the side you hemmed).

Turn it inside out and your pocket is ready.


Now, use one part of the sticky back velcro and put it on all four sides. I did not have long enough velcro, so I put small pieces, but if you have enough then make sure the velcro is almost as large as the sides (mine are not in the picture below). This will ensure that the pocket will stay put on the cabinet door. Put the other side of the velcro on top of the velcro on the fabric and remove its sticker that keeps it from sticking. Then take your pocket to the cabinet and stick it :).

Next, clean up the containers and keep only the ones that have lids ;). And tadaa its organized (and hopefully will remain like this).