Templin family loves fall season, esp. October. My boys are so much into Halloween, they ask me almost every day if its Halloween the next day :). They are going to be Spiderman and Batman. I love Fall too mostly because of the wonderful weather here in Alabama after the heat. We can finally get out of the house and play in the park or our yard. Also, I get to decorate for fall. I don’t do a lot of decorations, but I like to do some DIYs for Halloween.

Today, I am gonna show you guys this Felt bunting/banner that I made for this halloween. I saw one on Kirkland’s for only 10 bucks or so, but I like to make my own. So here it goes.dsc_0826For this project you need:
Felt, Burlap
buttons and
glue gun and Mod-Podge.

I went to Hobby Lobby and got 2 sheets each of green, black, purple and orange, craft felt. They were around 50 cents each. I got the halloween ribbons from a craft store too (don’t remember from where now).


First step is to make or find a pattern for witches leg and foot. I made my own but I am sure there are several images available to download and print for this work. Next, you need to cut 8 shoes (4 pairs). It doesn’t matter which one is left and which is right. Next cut 8 pieces of legs but if your pattern is like mine (legs are not straight but has calf on them) then you have to be careful about the left and right legs. Make sure you have both right and left pieces for each color.


To make the felt pieces sturdy enough, I used a backing of the burlap fabric. I mod podged my felt cut pieces on a long piece of burlap and then cut the burlap around those pieces, as you can see the picture below. In my mind I think this made the process faster. You will notice how sturdy your legs become ;).

After you have all the pieces, now you need to think about decorating. I used some left over from my felt to make those chevron strips and those triangles. I also used some buttons in one pair. In the end, I used some ribbons to put on the cuffs of the boots/shoes. So you can choose however you wanna decorate. Now glue the legs to the shoes. Make sure you keep in mind the left and right leg.


Almost done. Now choose and measure where you want to hang your banner. You will probably need like 10 to 15 more inches in length of the ribbon to glue your legs on. Glue the legs either straight in pair or tilted together as I have done. And that’s it, you are done.


Hope, you will try it on. Do comment and let me know if you all have any questions regarding this project.


Till then,
Happy Crafting.