Continuing the Halloween series, I have this Googly eyes wreath DIY for you. Shlok, my son calls it everything scary wreath. He helped me make it and we loved making it.


I used a package of googly eyes from craft store, some black shiny pipe cleaners, some shiny spiders and wool. You can use any wreath base for it and I used the cheapest wreath form I saw in the store.

First step is to cover your wreath with black and purple wool. I found some purple shoe laces for very cheap at a store, so I used those for the wreath but a purple wool would look good too. I did not cover the wreath a lot, just roughly covered it.


Next I made 8 spider legs with these pipe cleaners and wrapped them on both sides of the wreath.

Finally, I fired up my glue gun and Shlok and I glued up the googly eyes all around randomly on the wreath. Next, we glued the spiders around. And finally I found this cute “All monsters welcome sign at Michaels for 2.5$ and hung it in between the wreath.


That’s it, all done and hung on the front door.