Crazy Chic Crafting

A blog with ideas and tutorials for chic sewing, crafting and other DIYs!


Richa: Hi!. Thanks for visiting our blog. I live in Birmingham, Alabama with my husband and two sons and the newest addition to our family, our baby girl Zoe. I am a full time mom and part time crafter/sewist (yes I am making up that word). During my first pregnancy, I got interested in knitting and then when I got to spend more time at home with my son, I started to get more and more interested in sewing and DIY decorating. I bought a sewing machine, got hooked to Pinterest and such things. And now, I love to take time out to work on all kinds of crafty stuff, which is usually at night after my kids are asleep. I also enjoy other things like taking pictures of my kids, reading and watching TV.


Sayli: Hello all! I live in Atlanta, Georgia with my husband. I am a software engineer by profession. In my spare time I am always happy to learn something new. Me and my husband like to frequent book stores atleast once a week for a good time amongst the books, coffee and tons of inspiration for the next “around-the-corner” project. I had learnt basic sewing from my mother on her old tough Janome. The old adage “A stitch in time saves nine” drove me recently to buy a sewing machine to mend my stuff at home. And I soon realized its a great creative potential. While sewing gives me a creative outlet, it also gives me material to write about. This blog is also a humble attempt at unleashing the writer in me 🙂


Richa and I have been good friends since the time we went to school in Birmingham, Alabama. We lived and spent time together for longtime.Though we are now married and have wonderful families of our own, we are lucky to have stayed in touch and have each other.


We both love the wonderful world of colors, fabric and sewing, yarn and needles, and paper and scissors ;). In an attempt to stay in touch and share our sewing ideas and projects with each other we decided to blog! In turn giving us an opportunity to also share it with you. We welcome you to our blog where you will find ideas for sewing, and other pretty diy stuff!

PS: Our husbands and kid are supportive and sporty guinea pigs of all our experiments and  models for photo shoots! 😉

email contact: crazychiccrafting at gmail dot com


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