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Shower themes



BLUE THEME BABY SHOWER (balloon and crepe paper rolls)

color: blues and lime green



Got arch done at walmart. Had the ballons filled with helium so that they are all same size and have them tie on a thread so that they can be moved around. Perched the arch above the fireplace.


Balloon tree created to hang from top of stairway at corner of the room.



window curtains created using crepe paper rolls by sticking the alternating color stripes to window rods

IMG_8503 IMG_8588 IMG_8502

chocolates created from molds

IMG_8487 IMG_8492 IMG_8504


milk bottle food tags

IMG_8620 IMG_8556


theme: daisies
colors: pink, orange, yellow

Recently, I had the opportunity to help organize a baby shower for a friend. Yayy! you know what fun that means. She is going to have a baby girl this August and her theme for shower was yellow, pink and orange Daisies (summer colors!). Initially after a lot of discussion on what would we use to bring color to a big living room, we decided on making paper daisies, tulle curtains, tulle flowers, tulle wreath and umbrellas. The mom-to-be loved using Tulle fabric to give the theme a dreamy look!

Tulle is a very versatile fabric used in lot of shower decorations as well as baby girl dresses, tutu skirts, halloween costumes, room curtains. It is least to say a very girly, dreamy and fun type of fabric.

Check out the pictures below of what we finally put together:

IMG_2757 IMG_2766



Isn’t it cute??

we made Curtains out of tulle fabric Things needed: about 12 yards of tulle: 2 yards for each big window.
String of paper daisies made at home embellishing each curtain Things needed: Crepe paper for paper daisies and ribbon.
Paper umbrella with Daisy decoration: We found this great spring paper umbrellas in the exact colors at hobby lobby and cut out daisies of tissue paper and stuck them on umbrella

A tulle wreath for baby room Things used:
A wreath form from hobby lobby (
1 yard tulle of the three color each: pink, yellow and orange (bought from the fabric section of hobby lobby, $1-1.50 per yard)
Crepe paper for paper daisies: Method used to cut paper daisies (Fold-and-cut-paper-daisies)

Method: Cut a piece of tulle and tie it around the wreath and measure how big you want the circumference of wreath.
Use this piece for measurement and cut a cardboard piece. Then wind your tulle around that cardboard and cut it (I love a simple method for tulle cutting explained very well on this blog: The cuts need not be perfect, since small errors will not show. Keep tying pieces of tulle to wreath one after the other and keep bunching them together to give the wreath a fuller look. Place flowers, baby clothes, booties, bibs, or anything pertaining to theme on the wreath. Your wreath is ready!

We also made strings of Tulle Flowers and paper daisies and hung them by the ceiling. and as icing on the cake, we had the Baby shower cake in Daisy theme as well! 🙂

It was too much fun to prepare for the shower starting with working on ideas to having able to spend time together with the mom-to-be. We had a lot of fun experimenting with Tulle fabric. Did you? Let us know if you like the decorations and other ideas you have for tulle decorations.




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